For this new collection of scarves I drew inspiration

from my mother Dorothy Johns and her great friend Evelyn Habel,

Both farmed in the wool growing landscape in the Western District of Victoria.

Both preserved their produce in vacola jars, cooking for family, shearers, flower shows, race meetings, local Saturday night dances, sporting events & parties.

They understood the value of good food and pure wool .. always eyeing any

fabric to check its quality.

It was the 50’s and 60’s ....

Each new season, when the wool or wheat cheque arrived,

they would independently head down the highway

with great excitement and glamour towards the department stores

for their gorgeous new season outfits... Dorothy piloting the chevrolet!

The fun, laughter and stories could be heard across the land,

days before and months after, until their next trip.

My father Clarrie wryly commented,

“There wasn’t a sheep dog in Australia that could round those two up.”

Enjoy these Australian designed, 100% mulberry silk scarves, season after season.